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Today is the day we leave (if we can pay all the bills and get the insurance to apply to the car), and yesterday was the day we (I) bought a car. An electric lime Prius c3. It's got enough room to put stuff in to take on a trip. It's a good car, so far. I may call it Charlotte, to go with Reggie's car George.

I am very much looking forward to the trip. Aaron told me recently, while I was rehearsing for the carmina concerts this weekend, that soon I will be alligator palm tree dolphin conch sun. I intend to be.

Those carmina concerts. Andres Orozco-Estrada is my favorite symphony conductor to sing for. He's silly, friendly, extremely detail-oriented, and artistically insistent. He will make fun of you if you do something he doesn't like, but not in a mean way, and he will repeat something he's not sure about until he knows if he does like it. He's so joyful about conducting, and I am so invested in the piece anyway, that there were several moments even in rehearsal when I was struck with tears.

The other tear-jerker moment was the last night's encore, which the Colombian Youth Orchestra (who played this concert side-by-side with the symphony) played Irish Blessing as a surprise for the Houston players, and took out Colombian flags. What a good. There were so many youth players taking pictures with their Houston player mentors after the concert. It was adorable.

I have rarely been more involved in a concert, even the second one where I was overtired, and it's a combination of the compelling AOE conducting style and my 15-year obsession with the piece. I legitimately do not have to look at the score at all, though I occasionally turn pages for effect, and I have never had a better opportunity to consider and express the words, which are so good I learned them in middle school and still occasionally write them down for fun.

So it was a marvelous concert series, but I am now glad to be going away. We'll see Gail, go to her apparently amazing chiropractor, and I will go on to Orlando, where there are roller coasters, swamps, and friends.


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